Factory worker job in New Zealand 2021

Factory worker job in New Zealand 2021

New Zealand

Factory worker job in New Zealand 2021

The factory workers are hired to operate machinery and make them run smoothly to manufacture products and these products depend on the requirements of the industry. The job is not limited to the specific task but the range of round cuts are included in their job like sorting, processing, packing the products as well as operating the machines to have great output is also included. Moreover, this job requires many things like great communication, management, and organizational skills plus the candidate must be able to work effectively as a part of the team.

Prominent responsibilities and duties

Cleaning and maintaining the working area is included in the duty of the workers as when the area is not cleaned and unhygienic the staff will avoid and hesitate to work there

The duty of the workers are not ended when the products have prepared but they have to label and sort them plus pack them and load them in the truck or the container

The candidate must be able to have quality control on the products so they must be able to determine whether the quality of the products meets the requirements of the clients or not.

Skills and qualification

There is no specific requirements are needed for the education but they must have a high school diploma if the candidate has peer reference, must be pried, and there are some more required skills, are as under:


Listening skills

Excellent communication skills

Methodical approach

Should have the ability to follow instructions

Physical stamina

Should work with focus and concentration.

Company Name: Foodflo

Education: Any Degree

Experience: 1 to 2

Work location: New Zealand

Duty Timing: Day, Evening, Weekend, Early Morning, Morning

Type of Employment: Full time / Part-time

Publish Date:  2021-08-28


Salary: $23.8032 per hour + super + leave loading

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