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Immigrant Farm Workers in Canada – Job Hiring 2022

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is the most common way to immigrate as a farm worker in Canada. The PNP is a government program that allows migrant workers to work on farms in their province. Each of Canada’s thirteen provinces has its own PNP criteria and targets the labour market accordingly. This study examined the contributions of migrant farm workers to the Canadian economy. The results show that a significant portion of Canadian farmers are foreign-born.

Farm Workers in Canada


The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is an immigration policy that permits Canadian employers to hire foreign workers to fill specific jobs. The agricultural program is one of these changes.


Seasonal agricultural workers are required to undergo physical examinations and general fitness evaluations before they can work. Some of these exams may also include chest radiographs. In addition to health and safety concerns, farmers and their families should consider a legal path to permanent residency in Canada.

Work permit:

TFWP has two work streams: the SAWP. SAWP is the best option for year-round operations because it allows for temporary workers to work on farms. TFWP requires employers to pay migrant farm workers the provincial minimum wage and the standard agricultural rate. Depending on the type of work, this rate is either above or below the minimum wage. The maximum income per worker is $18 an hour.


There are no mandatory employment requirements in Canada.


  1. The SAWP is an immigration program for low-skilled migrant farm workers. The agricultural stream is currently a pilot project, but is expected to become permanent in the near future.

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