Jobs Hiring  In Poland 2022

Jobs Hiring  In Poland 2022

Jobs in Poland

Jobs Hiring  In Poland 2022

The IT market is a vital part of the Polish economy. This is one of the strongest sectors of the world economy and analysts have predicted that the Polish IT market will grow at a significant rate in the coming years. There are many jobs in IT, including programmers, IT specialists, and engineers.


The IT sector in Poland has a strong demand for qualified IT specialists, which is an advantage for the country’s economy. The country has one of the most advanced IT sectors in Central and Eastern Europe, and it is poised to grow further. Many global technology firms are already investing in the development of the Polish IT industry and have established R&D centers here. This growth is due to a combination of several factors, including the country’s talent pool.

The IT market in Poland is expected to grow by around 18 percent by 2022, according to recent research. The country is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and the demand for skilled IT professionals is expected to grow over the next few years. Poland is currently the 23rd most innovative economy in the world, ahead of New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Iceland. The country has escaped the recession that hit Europe during the global recession in 2008, and is now 25% bigger than it was before the financial crisis. By comparison, the EU’s economy grew by just 0.7% during the same period.

Jobs Hiring  In Poland 2022
Jobs Hiring  In Poland 2022


With a highly skilled IT workforce, Poland is a hot destination for engineers. The country is home to 50,000 software development companies and more than 800 of them focus on the global software development market. Poland’s IT industry is one of the most successful in Europe and is projected to generate 9.3 billion euros by 2022.

General Electric Company Polska Sp. z o.o. is seeking a Sumps and Bearings Design Engineer. In this role, you will contribute to the design and implementation of Pressurization/Lube Systems, as well as Sump and Drives hardware. You will also deal with manufacturing issues and perform standard technical tasks. These tasks are generally of medium complexity and require you to follow a plan of action.


A QA engineer’s job description includes monitoring and controlling the software creation process and ensuring that it adheres to standards. Often, QA engineers work in large IT companies and laboratories. They often collaborate with development engineers to identify problems and develop solutions. They also maintain test environments and test configurations. This type of work requires effective communication skills and the ability to work well in a cross-functional team.

In Poland, QA engineers can expect to earn a salary of around 76,540 PLN per year. Salaries may vary depending on location, experience, and skill level.

Jobs Hiring  In Poland 2022
Jobs Hiring  In Poland 2022


With more than 400,000 technical specialists, Poland has the largest pool of talent in the CEE region. Its government supports its technological community by encouraging foreign investment and cooperating with overseas customers. Poland is facing a digital transformation, with the recent Covid-19 pandemic underscoring the importance of cybersecurity, big data, and remote data access.

Due to its growing IT industry, Poland has high demand for IT professionals. There are 50,000 software development companies in the country, including 800 focusing on the international market. The Polish IT sector is estimated to generate 9.3 billion euros by 2022.


There are many reasons for companies to hire HR recruiters in Poland. The growing economy and the conflict in Ukraine are just a few of the reasons. However, it is important to note that the competition for talent is increasing and skills are in short supply. As a result, companies need to find ways to get a competitive edge. In addition, people are demanding more from their employers, and they have high expectations for employers.

Jobs Hiring  In Poland 2022
Jobs Hiring  In Poland 2022

The government has set a minimum wage threshold for workers. It will increase in 2022, and at the moment it stands at PLN 3,000 per month, or EUR630 per month. It is important for employers to check the minimum wage rates and the salary norms for their industry. In addition to the minimum wage, employees in Poland are entitled to thirteen days of vacation and thirteen public holidays. These days are calculated depending on the number of years in the workforce and the level of education. For example, if an employee has less than ten years of experience, she can take 20 days of annual vacation, while a more experienced employee can take up to 26 days.

Staff Managers

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for overseeing the human resources function for Mercy Corps programming in Poland. This position helps the organization achieve its program objectives and is responsible for developing policies and practices that support employee relations. Human resources managers also advise supervisors on ongoing issues. They are responsible for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of HR systems in Poland and assist in designing effective HR practices. They also supervise and maintain personnel files for all staff.

Graduate employment is plentiful in Poland, which is home to some of Europe’s biggest BPO/SSCs. Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, and Gdansk have strong touristic potential, attracting a mix of eastern and western cultures.




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