Unskilled Jobs in the Netherlands 2022

Unskilled Jobs in the Netherlands 2022


Unskilled Jobs in the Netherlands 2022

If you want to live and work in the Netherlands but don’t speak Dutch, you can work as a waiter. These jobs don’t require any specific Dutch skills, and you won’t be a nuisance to other guests. Many restaurants in the Netherlands also have English-speaking staff, so you’ll be able to do your job with ease. However, you can’t live in Amsterdam, which has expensive housing costs.

Work permits

Work permits for unskilled jobs in the Netherlands can be obtained through the same process as work permits for skilled workers. Applicants must submit the same general documents as other Dutch work visa applicants, including a valid passport and criminal background check.


If you are looking for unskilled jobs in the Netherlands, you should make sure that your CV and cover letter highlight your relevant skills. While it is not necessary to send a CV and cover letter to every employer, you should tailor them to the specific job in question. You can also mention any additional interests or hobbies you may have.

Unskilled Jobs in the Netherlands 2022
Unskilled Jobs in the Netherlands 2022

Cover letter

In a cover letter for an unskilled job in the Netherlands, it is important to explain your skills and qualifications for the position. The letter should not be more than one page and should include all of your qualifications and work experience, arranged chronologically. You can also use an application form for larger companies or to apply online.

Benefits of working in the Netherlands

The Netherlands offers several benefits to foreign workers. In addition to decent salaries and benefits, the country also has a very relaxed work culture and encourages work-life balance. Most employees do not work overtime and often leave their jobs by 5pm. However, despite the laidback working culture, the typical Dutch employee is efficient, honest, and focused.

Employers that hire unskilled workers

Dutch employers who hire unskilled workers are a rare breed in Europe. The Netherlands is a free labor market, so it is essential for prospective employers to consider employment opportunities outside of the country. Unfortunately, no Dutch employer will sponsor a visa for an unskilled worker, so a good alternative for these employers would be to move to Canada, where there is a plentiful supply of unskilled workers.

Unskilled Jobs in the Netherlands 2022
Unskilled Jobs in the Netherlands 2022


If you are an expat looking for a job in the Netherlands, you will be happy to know that there are numerous options available. The Netherlands is home to many multinational companies, and finding a job here can be easier if you have some qualifications. There are jobs available for a variety of workers, from unskilled to highly skilled.

Despite unemployment rates in the Netherlands being at an all-time low, employment opportunities in this country continue to be plentiful. There are several growing sectors that are in high demand, such as sales, marketing, IT specialists and engineers. Other highly sought-after jobs in the Netherlands include interim managers, education and training, and marketing.

Unskilled Jobs in the Netherlands 2022
Unskilled Jobs in the Netherlands 2022


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